Well, given there wasn’t much updates last year, dev logs didn’t return and such. I guess that shows that life and mental health didn’t go the way I hoped last year.
Yet, I’m back again hoping for the best again. I do still have my pixel art projects and Rapunzel’s Flower that I want to complete. Other than that, hobby wise, I want to be able to get back into drawing and writing. My mental health had gone so far that I kind of lost my creativity, and I’d like that back. I don’t like feeling like an empty shell of what I know I can be.

Just writing here it’s funny. I remember I’ve said I was no longer going to delete and redo my website anymore (like I did a lot in teens/early twenties). I was going to be more intentional with what I posted and such, and thankfully I still hold to that. I guess at this point I don’t mind if people see my ups and downs that I present on this website. It’s a personal website and I think the only time I’d have to ‘start over’ is if, say, I do start some creative business or author website that would change the trajectory of the site. So far, that’s not happening.

Anywho, I don’t think anyone finds this site anymore, but I’m glad it’s still here, even if it’s just for me.

Thanks for Reading and God Bless,

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