Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious people talk about ghouls.


  • Short ~1 hour 'tiny' game; Multiple endings for replay value;
  • 3 different endings; 2 winnable, 1 instant loss;
  • Equipped Armors add special skills;
  • Turn-Based Battle System requires strategy; no spamming attack;
  • pixel love; old school 16 - 32 colors look;
  • Use item (Repel Root) to escape battle; Save them for when you need them;

Inspired by Lanea Zimmerman's Tiny 16 tileset, I set out to create a 'tiny' game, trying not to deviate too far from the original limited tileset. Some add-ons to her set were used, as well as some custom edits, but overall, the goal was achieved. Originally planned to be done in only a few weeks it took months to complete.

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