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Retiring the Name ‘Meike’

When I started to actually finish games/assets/etc I decided to separate it from my writing adventures by using a new […]

Farewell to Reel Dream

I’ve been fighting this for a while. I really wanted Reel Dream to work out, but the thing is, a […]

Reel Dream, MZ and a Dead PC

Long story short: I’m NOT porting Reel Dream to MZ. As much as I would like to, trying to recreate […]

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Rapunzel’s Flower Dev Log: Part 40 and Hiatus

IT’S 2020 YA’LL It’s Jan 7. Holidays are over, boy is back in preschool, and I got to get back… [...]

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Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious people talk about ghouls.

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When someone finally remembers what Marissa likes while on a date, she thinks she has found the right guy. However, things don't go as planned.

Created in less than 2 months for RPGMakerWeb's Release Something 2019 event, Waffle Cone revives a short story I wrote and expands it into a Visual Novel with 4 alternate endings.

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