IT’S 2020 YA’LL

It’s Jan 7. Holidays are over, boy is back in preschool, and I got to get back to these devlogs and updates before February starts.

Of course game dev slowed during the holidays! Not much got done with RF and what did get done was on physical paper as I’ve been trying to.


For the past week plus I’ve either been caring for sick children or been out sick myself. My focus had been on Reel Dream and my commission work, and I know I’ve kept saying I’d get back to updates by February. Thankfully I do have a few backlogged but that does me nothing if I can’t get myself back together to actually work on RF in my free time. I can barely remember what I have done…


I did get a ‘new to me’ desktop computer and using GitHub, got the project onto this machine which has become my main machine. I know what I have to work on and have started to get my paper thoughts onto…digital paper thoughts:

Those three papers are legit only a small handful of the papers that I scribble down as I work on a game. They are easily lost because of…children. Which is why I need to get their important ideas into the computer ASAP.

Honestly, I should just take pictures of my pages, but I’m bad at sorting those type of files as well…*sigh*


Not much has been getting done, but I guess that’s the nature of the beast. Now that production of Reel Dream is going well, Rapunzel’s Flower has been floundering. Not really floundering, just not being worked on.

That and my family and I were all sick for most of January. First, my boy, then me, hubby, daughter then my boy again. Ugh. So yeah, the house got backed up and nothing got don really.

This Friday is Valentine’s Day and I actually got some work on Rapunzel’s Flower. I’ve been having to figure out how I’m going to handle crafting, and how I’m going to handle having similar versions of the same weapon with just different elements.

Well, apparently I haven’t been writing much at all and this planning is what I should have been talking about. In the screenshot previously it says how you can make the 3-5 different element weapons from the same weapon base, and what I mean by that turned into this today:

Basically, I got rid of the 10 weapons per type idea and went with 5 as you should be able to customize them pretty well just from here.

Each Blade can have one Element Stone (type) and some Buffs. You can have either a Blade 1 with Flame 1 attack or Soak 1 attack. Does that make sense?

I talked way earlier about Ramza’s Crafting plugin adding new functionality to additive ingredients and that’s how I’m planning on doing this. Each base weapon in the Database can use all attacks associated with it. It is the additive stones required to make the weapon that will restrict what attacks the item can use. Hopefully i can get it to all play nice as that’s rather complicated.

It also got me thinking about these additive items and how I’m going to design them to work with all these base weapons and their recipes:

Well part of me is thinking that the higher end weapons require the lower end recipe to make it. I’m not sure if I’m going to cancel the original items original properties or let some of it get carried over.

Overall, there aren’t many pieces you can make, but those pieces are made from basic items that all have their own unique properties that will get added in. So one Power Up can look a lot different from another even if they are technically the same item.

I’ve played with the editor a bit and fixed some minor bugs. Having to figure out how to easily copy each charrie bust just for a temp and file name placeholder until I can get the finished busts with their facial expressions. Apparently I can trick XNConvert to do it for me.

I really need to finish figuring out these recipes and the additive ingridents. Once I got that done I can finish setting up the crafting system and just see how things balance out as I distribute the items through the game.

I really need to sit down and evaluate where I am with Rapunzel’s Flower. I’m in a constant state of learning when it comes to my game dev and with Reel Dream I have been learning some tricks that help me and I need to start applying them to Rapunzel’s Flower.


(Feb 17, 2020)

Reel Dream has been taking a lot more of my focus, as it should. I have commission work keeping me on my toes and of course, mommy life.

Rapunzel’s Flower hasn’t been getting much work done, even though I want to work on it, which has caused a lack in Dev Log content. Thus, I’m going to be putting the dev logs on hiatus for at least a month, so that I can get content created for them! I’ll still be working on Rapunzel’s Flower when I can, it’s just the dev logs going on hiatus.

I still plan to work on Rapunzel’s Flower, and for Patrons I will let you know how things are going during my weekly posts, just like with Reel Dream.

I’m hoping that in the next month and a half, as long as my entire family doesn’t get sick again, I should be able to build up a good amount of content for you. I’m also thinking that, come May (the busiest month for my family) I may put Reel Dream down for a bit and focus on Rapunzel’s Flower to keep the content flowing (I’m not planning to have much dev time in May). So we’ll plan for RF dev logs to return in April and see where things will go from there!

Thank you all for your support and interest in my game projects! I hope this year I can do even better giving ya’ll content and insight into what I’m doing!

God bless,
Meike Kima

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