I’ve made the decision to move from Patreon to Ko-Fi for folks to be able to support me.

Patreon was a monthly, subscription based, support model where I had reward tiers set up for who paid what per month. However, that payment model wasn’t working out as I hadn’t been able to give the content I was originally intending to.

Originally I wanted to share patron exclusive pixel art and game demos with patrons, but game development has been too slow to have a demo ready at any time and the pixel art, while I still want to do it, hasn’t been created.

Which left Patrons only getting exclusive weekly updates. Even Rapunzel’s Flower Dev Logs have been hard to produce for their week early patron viewing.

This felt unfair to my….two patrons. The payment model wasn’t working and people weren’t willing to pay for such little exclusive content; which is completely understandable.

Which is, for those who do want to add their support, I’ve switched to Ko-Fi. Ko-Fi isn’t subscription based and people can ‘buy me a coffee’ and donate 3 bucks. Of course, I’m not going to be buying coffee. I will be setting goals for Ko-Fi earnings, the first of which is an ergonomic keyboard (my right wrist is hurting as I am typing this. I need a wrist pad and a more ergonomic keyboard).

My patreon page is in the process of shutting down. I’ve given a public notice on patreon, took down my tiers, and paused billing for April. By the end of March, I’ll be unpublishing the page.

If there is anyone who still wants to support me, you can now do so at Ko-Fi! No monthly payments 🙂

Thanks again for everyone’s encouragement and support!

Love ya’ll and God bless,
Meike Kima

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