Well, Rapunzel’s Flower is about 4 years old. Uh, I guess I’ve proven that this really is just a hobby and not anything that’s gonna be a career.

However, let’s dust off this project. I still enjoy this one.

*blows the dust off*

Oh, man. This dust is pretty stuck on. Seems I need to wipe it with some elbow grease.

*wipe* *wipe* *wipe*

Ah! There we go! A sparkly RPG Maker MV –wait…MZ? MZ project?!

But, I thought I said I wouldn’t ever port it over…why did I?

Because VisuStella came out with this, and I finally threw my spare money at it:

Random dungeons was the one thing holding me back from switching to MZ, but it was also what was holding me back in MV. The other random dungeon generator I was using started to conflict with Yanfly plugins making it a bit frustrating to have to work around, even though the plugin itself had functions that nearly replace what it broke of Yanfly’s.

Now that VisuStella has Random Dungeon Maps I can more comfortably make a game knowing that 95% or more of my scripts are all from VisuStella and all my major mechanics are compatible because of it.

So, that’s what’s got me back working on Rapunzel’s Flower. I’ve some older Dev Logs I don’t think I’ve posted, but I’m going to skip going back to those, due to this switch over.

Another thing I have done to help with this process is flesh out the story, characters and setting more with the use of ChatGPT.

No, ChatGPT isn’t writing the story for me. I’m just giving it the ideas I have, ask for suggestions and then fine tune and change it as I see fit. It’s like a digital co-worker I can brainstorm with.

Honestly, ChatGPT is a little weird, doesn’t quite remember things in the right order, so I have to eventually go back and clean up everything I brainstormed there. Names and locations have changed but most are placeholders that I just let ChatGPT roll with as I was tired of asking ‘rename this to that’. But, it’s helped.

As for changing everything over to MZ, well, I have the resources and the tilesets and maps seemed to transfer over easy enough, but I have to rework how everything interacts as I have a lot of script calls and references to plugins and common events that no longer exist. The plan is to start from the beginning of playthrough and change/remove everything that doesn’t work and keep and fix the simple stuff, such as room transfers.

Once all my maps are connected and everything that can work is, and anything broken is removed, I can move on to rebuilding the mechanics, probably starting at the battle system. The battle system, quest system and random dungeons are going to be the biggest part of this still.

I have a lot to go over and get myself re-aquainted with the project, but knowing how things go, I don’t know if you’ll see another update this year or not.

Best regards,

Kima Prince

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