These are RPG Maker MV plugins I created for my own projects that may come in handy for others.

Disclaimer: I make no promises that these plugins will be compatible with other plugins and, as of now, can not offer plugin support. Use as is.

Meike Save Files

A small upgrade to the default save menu where you can set the max number of save files, and the max number to show on the save screen at one time.

Enemy Exp and Gold Drop Custom Formula

I use this alongside HimeWorks Enemy Levels so I can have Exp drop be calculated using the Enemy’s level ( enemy.exp()*enemy.level ). I also use it so that random encounters don’t drop Gold but battles with human characters do.

Choice Box Location

Used to change the X position (horizontal) of the choice command list.

Left Right Select Upgrade

In vertical, one collumn select menus, have the left/right arrows work the same as the up/down.