Disclaimer: I make no promises that this plugin will be compatible with other plugins and, as of now, can not offer plugin support. Use as is.

This is an RPG Maker MV plugin I created for my own project that may come in handy for others. I use it alongside HimeWorks Enemy Levels so I can have Exp drop be calculated using the Enemy’s level ( enemy.exp()*enemy.level ). I also use it so that random encounters don’t drop Gold but battles with human characters do.

I place this plugin underneath all other plugins.



This plugin makes it so you can use a custom formula to evaluate how much exp is earned from defeating an enemy and how much gold is dropped.
Note: these formulas determine drop PER enemy. So if a Troop has 3 enemies, the formula will run for each enemy and add the three totals together for your final drop.




Change the EXP Formula Parameter to a Javascript evaluation.

Change the Gold Formula Parameter to a Javascript evaluation.


Plugin Command(s)


meikeGoldFormula – Used to change the Gold Formula in game

Example: meikeGoldFormula enemy.gold()*enemy.level

meikeGoldReset – Used to reset the Gold Formula to the Plugin Parameter

meikeExpFormula – Used to change the EXP Formula in game

Example: meikeExpFormula enemy.level*enemy.exp()+1

meikeExpReset – Used to reset the EXP Formula to the Plugin Parameter