Written for a #blogbattle KS: Vestuv introduces the characters of Kronos Space a few months before Kronos Space’s events. The story contains no spoilers of the Kronos Space comic/book/whatever. It was written with the goal to stay under 1,000 words.
“Yazu’s anger is fueling him.” Pistachio, a 2nd Realm Phiio, wiped sweat off his bald head. The 1st realm’s heat was getting to his blue-green skin. Despite the ocean, the dry heat prevented Pistachio from gathering Aura, reducing his usefulness to ground melee while their opponent flew in the air.
A psychotic Volkan, Vestuv, was the Realm Warriors’ current threat. Vestuv had harnessed the Red Aura in a unique way, causing volcanic eruptions and earthquakes across the 1st realm. If they didn’t stop him, Vestuv would destroy the 1st Realm.
A groan next to him made Pistachio’s excitement leap. “Iikub! You’re awake!”
“He’s awake?!” Pistachio ignored Bloom’s voice through his ear piece.
“Gruh…you know there’s no stopping my brother when he gets going.” Iikub lifted his strained body from the impacted ground, his long Vahalos ears flinching. His uniform tattered where aura attacks had burned through, Iikub had been out for nearly fifteen minutes.
Seeing his brother defeated, Yazu had gone into a rage, engaging the husky Vestuv in the air. Vestuv laughed with each punch Yazu delivered, his rough skin absorbing the attacks. The more frustrated Yazu became, the stronger Vestuv became.
That’s when Pistachio had figured it out. As Yazu vented his rage at Vestuv, Vestuv transformed that energy into his power. The islands rumbled as Red Aura flowed through the crevasses of Vestuv’s craggy skin. The more rage he collected, the more destruction Vestuv could conjure.
The earth trembled under Pistachio’s feet, testing his balance. Another volcano erupted in the distance. Ash clouded the realm’s red sun.
“Bahahaha!” Vestuv’s corrupt laugh filled the sky. “Behehee. You’re a strong one, aren’t you, Vahalos?”
Yazu floated a distance from Vestuv, his twin tails flicking. “Why can’t I damage you?!” He yelled, blue aura coursed around flexed muscles. Yazu charged at Vestuv. Creating Aura Disks, Yazu slung them at Vestuv.
The disks sliced into Vestuv’s chest. Before Yazu could woop in victory, Vestuv absorbed the disks, round body filling with energy.
“Whaa?” Yazu slid back.
“Bahahaheeeee! Fighting fire with fire just creates a bigger fire! Bwaaahahahaaa.”
“That’s it!” Bloom’s voice shot into Pistachio’s ear. “Pistachio! I’m coming into the fight!”
“What?! Girl, no way are you—” Pistachio pulled his ear piece out as static filled his head. “She doesn’t listen worth squat.”
Iikub panted. “She can’t fight. Vestuv’s strong enough to down me, he’ll just roast her.”
“Like a marshmallow.” Pistachio stared up at Yazu. “But you know she’s as stubborn as him. And I thought it was opposites that attract.”
Pistachio cringed as he watched Vestuv slip behind Yazu and grab him by the tails. Whipping Yazu around, he threw him towards the hot water.
Yazu was able to stop himself before he hit, hovering inches above scorching seas.
Pistachio sighed. The precise tap of footsteps hit his ears. He turned to see Bloom running towards them.
Dark hair escaping a ponytail, the Human woman’s small size did little to intimidate despite the determination on her face. She slowed as she came to them, her heels clicking across the rocky ground.
“You shouldn’t be here, Bloom.” Iikub chided.
“Well I’m here!” She balled her fists. Her lips curled in a smirk. “And I know how to beat this monster!”
“How?” Pistachio raised a brow muscle.
“Opposites!” Bloom chimed. Green Aura flickered around her hands. “I may not have much aura power…” she focused, lifting herself into the air. “But I do know how to combat rage.”
They stared at her. “I’m too weak to stop you, but if I could, I would,” Iikub said.
She smiled. “I know.” Shading her sweating brow, she stared up at the fight. Yazu and Vestuv circled each other, waiting for the other’s next move.
“Boys and their egos…” She flew towards the battle.
As she got closer, she saw how worn out Yazu was. Bruises darkened his skin and blood trickled from his lips. His tails curled around his legs from pain; ears were held low and back in anger.
He turned his head as he caught sight of her. “Bloom—”
“What is this?!” Vestuv chimed. “Wouldn’t you leave your best for last? Instead, you send a woman? Mehehehee.”
“Shut up!” Yazu yelled at him, his muscles tense.
Bloom leapt between the two before Yazu could make an attack. “Wait! I know how to win this, Yazu.” Her thumb played with her engagement ring as she grinned. “Opposites, Honey. What’s the opposite of rage?”
“Opposites?” Yazu knit his brows.
Vestuv tilted his head.
Bloom took a deep breath and, arms stretched wide, she gathered her aura. Green Aura flowed around her body, creating a wall of green light in front of her. Vestuv tried his best not to laugh as she focused her weak energy.
Behind her, Yazu’s eyes shot wide. “Wait, Bloom…” He relaxed his body, and putting his hand on her shoulder, he motioned her behind him. “Young love isn’t gonna win this.”
Bloom opened her mouth to protest, but Yazu had already moved in front of her. He spread his arms wide, gathering his Blue Aura. Bloom could feel the power resonating from his collected energy.
Yazu closed his eyes, his entire focus must be on this attack. Getting distracted from the memories needed to generate this attack would only turn it into Vestuv’s fuel.
“Well, this is boring.” Vestuv charged at Yazu, laughing as he went through the energy shield. Taking a swing, he landed a punch to Yazu’s jaw.
Yazu’s head twisted from the impact; he grinned. “That didn’t really hurt.”
“Huh?” Vestuv’s eyes widened as his energy drained. The Blue Aura flickered around Vestuv, replacing the red energy flowing in Vestuv’s crevices. Ebbing out his power, the Blue Aura filled Vestuv. He screeched as bright light engulfed him. When the light had dissipated, Vestuv was gone.
Bloom blinked, following Yazu’s silent decent back to the ground.
“Yazu…If the energy of young love wouldn’t — then…”
A moment passed before Yazu opened wet eyes. “My mom.”