Well, Yu Will Be A Prince

Yu will be getting married to Princess Hime, but Yu will need to get some things done before he reaches the castle. Battling his way through the kingdom, Yu will gather everything needed for the wedding and perhaps listen to some superstitious people talk about ghouls.

Waffle Cone

When someone finally remembers what Marissa likes while on a date, she thinks she has found the right guy. However, things don't go as planned. A visual Novel.

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Rapunzel's Flower

The Princess is sick with an unknown illness and the Hero Test turns into a quest to heal her with the Rapunzel's Flower to earn the Hero title. However, attempts to complete the quest are interrupted by the emergence of a new villain in the kingdom. Will you and your new friends be able to stop the villain, find the Rapunzel's Flower, and pass your Hero Test?

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Reel Dream

The fishing RPG. Travel outside your hometown engaging fish in rpg-style battles to catch and cook delicious meals for your nostalgic Grandpa. Listen to tall tales of his adventures long past, and experience your own adventures as you travel the country side searching for the best fish and ingredients.

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