So, despite not working on the game much for the last uh…how long has quarantine been a thing? Anywho, looking back at the last update I have on the site, I’ve actually done a LOT with the game. There is still so much to fix, but things are moving forward.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes I made was to how fish are spawned and how battle is started. Originally I was going to be like other fishing systems (think Animal Crossing) that had fish shadows that you attracted with your lure. However, trying to get this to work in MV was a pain. The grid based movement and lack of event to event touch event capabilities were making it so hard for the fish events to cleanly be attracted to the bait, come follow the bait and then activate battle upon touch.

So I opted for how fishing tends to feel to me: cast bobber and hope you get a bite:

So now you just cast your bobber and there is a random chance that a fish will bite, thus activating battle. The most complicated, and invisible part of this system is that the battle isn’t based on the region ID the player is standing on, but rather the region ID the bobber is on when a battle is activated.

I’ve also started to rework the entire battle system with how line breaks and such work, but of course, as I write this I haven’t been working on the game in a few weeks and would have to find my notes to figure out how I was doing what I was doing.

Thankfully, those battle system notes, which I thought out on my office whiteboard that was recently moved to a more usable location, where then saved as a photo and emailed to my dev work email:

And my preschooler wiped the bottom part away

Eitherway, behind the scenes the battle system has been made a lot less complicated.

One thing I also did was nix the Lure Crafting. That’s just too much to work with, and really didn’t help the game at all. Cooking is one thing, making your own lures? Nah.

So yeah, I’ve been working on making that main fishing mechanic work again. One day I’ll get this all together and I can actually start moving forward making the game.

And no, I will not be converting this project to MZ when MZ comes out. That would be near impossible at this point.

Yes, I do hope to buy MZ at release.

Anywho, that’s the update.

Blog later and God bless,
Meike Kima

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