First off, one of the reasons I’m writing this post is to test all my new auto-posters to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr! Tumblr is new. I figured as long as I had an auto-poster available I might as well revive my Tumblr:

Also, I mentioned going on a hiatus a while back and I had been out of Hiatus for the last week or so, however that week (mostly this past weekend) had me dealing with my depression really hard and I wasn’t able to do much game dev. I want to be over the hiatus, however, my mental health hasn’t really let me.

Which comes with the holiday season. Even when I’m not busy, it seems like every year I have a pretty hard hit to my emotional and mental state. This tends to cause burnout whether it be with house chores or projects. This year I hope to be different or at least manageable.

So if it seems like for the next few months that my performance is spotty, I apologize. Things should clear up by the new year.

However, I’m considering myself out of Hiatus. Rapunzel’s Flower dev logs are back, and I’m trying to get back into doing #Devtober. We’ll see how things go this next few months, but hopefully this year will be different from previous.

Thank you all for your continued support and God bless,
Meike Kima

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