Crickets chirp in the background as you stare at this website. Their song adds to the empty feeling as the site which was once live with weekly updates now sits dormant…

Okay, okay, I haven’t tried creative writing in a while and that’s not what this post is about anywho. I’m just here for a quick update to tell ya’ll that I haven’t fallen off the face of the internet (the world isn’t flat but is the internet flat? Can I fall of the face of the internet?) Holidays always get to me and while this year God has helped me keep together more than the past few years, it still resulted in me putting my more personal pursuits (aka game dev and this website) on hold.

Now that the holidays are (mostly) over and life is starting to fall back into it’s normal flow. I’m starting to creep back into my game development. I’ve spent a bit of time working on Reel Dream lately, trying to find a direction to go with it, and keep myself on track. I’ve worked on inputting recipes and UI. I’ve updated the spreadsheet with a new page to report bugs that need taken care of.

For Christmas, I had my mum get me the book Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design by Scott Rogers:

I’m hoping to pick up a lot of good things from this book and apply it to my game design and production.

As for Rapunzel’s Flower, whose updates have been MIA the last few weeks, I do want to get back to posting them, but I may take some time to focus on getting back on track with Reel Dream. Maybe next week I’ll start updates again. I’m not sure, but for sure I’ll get back to them before February!

I’m also getting myself a ‘new’ desktop computer. It’s not much of an upgrade from my current computer, but it is a step up from an i5 to an i7 in the same generation and an dedicated graphics card. It will help clear space off my desk, and keep me from having my babies rip keyboard keys off as my wireless keyboard is a lot harder to snap keys off of than my laptops…which I need ANOTHER replacement keyboard for that…ugh!

I’ve honestly been resisting buying new game assets as I know I don’t need them right now and I need to focus on my current projects. However I was able to grab Juice FX off of Steam for a cheap price as I had earned the $5 off coupon after getting my Hubby Planet Zoo (which of course my laptop is just a hair too slow to play it…it’s…just playable).

(inserting the link for it cause I actually perfer for this stuff)

Anywho, that’s the report on that! I pray ya’ll have a great New Year!
God bless,
Meike Kima

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