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I’ve been fighting this for a while. I really wanted Reel Dream to work out, but the thing is, a fishing rpg was never my passion. It was one of those ‘can I do it?’ questions where, once I realize it’s possible, I loose interest. I pressed on trying to make Reel Dream work for over a year and a half, mainly because I had people interested in it. I didn’t want to disappoint those people, but I have to face reality.

I’m a hobbyist.

And because of that, I really can’t be spending my time on projects I don’t really care about. It becomes a waste of my creative output. I have lots of ideas, ones I actually care about and have a passion for, that have been backburnered because I kept trying to convince myself I could be professional and finish a game even after the self interest has died off.

But I’m not a game studio. I’m one person; a stay-at-home mum who is kept busy by small children. I’ve been feeling a loss of my creativity over the last few years, so why do I insist on wasting what creativity I have left on a game I realized long ago doesn’t work for me?

Mostly, it was those people interested in Reel Dream that I wanted to please. It was my fear of failure that I was trying to avoid, thinking that if I quit it would be another failure to hold me down.

Yet, what was actually holding me down was Reel Dream itself. It kept me from the projects I wanted to do and made me bored.

So as much as I don’t want to disappoint people, I have to put Reel Dream down. I’m a hobbyist. Not every project is going to work out and I’m going to work on the ones that make me happy.

Thank you all for having interest in my ideas. Thank you for your support. I really did appreciate that people were interested in Reel Dream.

Here’s hoping you’ll like my other projects!

I do have more to come, and I hope you’ll be interested in seeing what else I’m going to work on. Which still includes Rapunzel’s Flower! That one is just too cute for me not to finish.

God bless,
Meike Kima

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