It’s probably been obvious that I’ve been inactive for quite a while. It’s not that I want to be inactive, it is just that I don’t have the time or energy to work on hobbies right now.

This year has been hard as my mum’s health has declined and she has moved in with us. I’m her primary caregiver now, and the other month she went on hospice. Assisting her throughout the day and night has been leaving me exhausted, and combined with caring for my kids and home has left me with little time for hobbies, and what time there is I am too mentally (and physically) tired to focus on anything.

This has put all hobbies on hold, despite adding a new hobby. I’m sewing stuffed animals now which can be more relaxing as a physical activity that gives my hands something to do, and brings joy as my children are impatient to play with my creations…legit my daughter took an unfinished, no ears, Pikachu plush out and about town because she wanted to play with it before it was finished.

Game dev on the other hand? Despite having bought Pixel Game Maker MV and playing with it’s possibilities I haven’t had much mental energy to boot up the computer and work on anything. I still want to finish Rapunzel’s Flower, and I have other projects in the making, but I just…can’t.

My boy will be going to kindergarten and we are hoping to get the girl in preschool so come school time I should have more time that way, but depending on how my mum’s health goes it still may not give me much relief.

I know this site doesn’t get much (if any) views, but I still like to think there is someone out there who checks in on me from time to time, even if it is just myself. I was determined this time that I wouldn’t let this blog/site fall apart as my other attempts in the past 10+ years (giving myself some grace as that includes my teen years) so I feel obligated to maintain it and think about what direction it will go in the future. I’m sure I won’t always be doing game dev in the future, but by that time I may just turn this site into a small archive of what I did accomplish during this phase of life. I’m not there yet though; I still have lots of game dev I want to do.

However, for 2021, I don’t see myself being active much at all this year. Between kids growing up and going to school and my mum’s funeral in the near(ish) future, I can’t imagine having the stamina to come back full swing. It’s also as the LORD leads as well. I know I don’t talk faith much here but I am a Christian and fully believe that God has a path set out for my life, and where that path leads me in the next season of life may not involve game dev hobbies. So be it. I know God put creativity in me and He will use it, just what it will be I don’t know (I mean, Stuffie Sewing kinda came out of the blue ya know?).

Thank you all for the support you have given me, I appriciate the friends I have made while I was active, and seeing the RPG Maker community going through MV to MZ. I still watch what plugins creators are putting out, and I still spend money on this hobby. I love you guys <3 you are all so creative and talented. I’m glad technology has come to a point where we can express our imagination in this medium. I do want to return, I just can’t promise any consistent activity.

God bless you all,
Kima ‘Meike’ Prince

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  • Completely understandable and I agree 100% that God has a path for you and all of us! May He continue to bless you and your family Meike!

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