Hey peeps~

It’s been a while; a long while. Lots of things have happened, lots of life and grief and growth.

Mum passed away at the end of August, and with my boy going to Kindergarten and the holiday season that followed, there just wasn’t much I could do hobby wise. I was a mess, but God saw me through.

I’ve always struggled with house chores, never understanding how people kept up with it all. Back in December, with little hints here and there that I recognize as God pointing things out to me, like sticky notes left on a path, I came across FlyLady and her cleaning routine. Yeah, yeah, I know this is a creativity blog but hear me out. FlyLady was the first cleaning system that not only gave me check lists of what to do, but actually gave me baby steps on how to start. I won’t rabbit trail too much on it but FlyLady’s system helped me build good habits that have turned into a cleaning routine. It worked. I have a routine that works and I know how to keep my house clean. I also use info from CleanMama as well, but FlyLady’s babysteps were what got me into a routine.

Now, the bigger issue, and one of the main reasons I struggled with house chores, is ADHD. I’ve been waiting forever to be seen by a specialist. My depression meds worked but I was still struggling, and having low points, and I knew the cause: ADHD. The ADHD gets in the way of doing my house chores, which spirals into stress in the home, etc. Being all I’ve gone through and that my appointment isn’t until June, my doctor decided to put me on a stimulant to see if that helps while I wait for June. She knows I’ve been saying I have ADHD and thankfully she believes me. She agrees that the main issue is the ADHD and the depression is more a symptom; treat the ADHD and the depression won’t be as big an issue.

I’ve been on the ADHD med for just over a week now but the difference is night and day. The best analogy I have for it is that ADHD is like having poor vision: you can get through your day, but it prevents you from doing the best you could because your ‘eyes’ can’t focus. The meds are like glasses: once they’re ‘on’ it’s life changing. My brain can finally ‘see’.

Having already worked on creating routines and learning how best to organize what I want to do (Bullet Journal!), adding the meds just…worked. The 5 year old in my brain who always kicked and screamed when I tried to do laundry was quiet, focused. I still don’t like laundry but I don’t feel like I have to fight with my brain to get it done. My routines run so much more smoothly and I was able to get the house chores done in the morning, giving myself time to focus on hobbies.

Long story short it was only Tuesday and I was surprised at how much I was able to get done. I have Project Management systems set up to keep track of my work, and I hope this keeps moving forward.

I’m wanting to get more into my writing but I do have two projects that have been sitting around waiting to be done.

The first is ‘Pixel Play Asset Pack’ which I am putting together for sale on itch.io. I can’t give an exact date on when it will be done but progress is going well.

The second project is Rapunzel’s Flower. I actually really enjoy that project, and had gotten so far with it that I want to finish it. Even if it’s my last hurrah of game development.

So expect the Dev Logs to return soon! As well, I hope to be able to write some short stories and prose to put on the site.

God bless you all,
Kima ‘Meike’ Prince

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