This is an expansion of my Retro RPG Farm Asset Pack.

A 4 color RPG character asset pack to go with my Retro RPG set! Comes in two color styles: Green and Grey. Distributed with original size, 2x and 3x sets for RPG Maker VX Ace and MV.


  • Elves
  • Wolfmen
  • Orcs
  • Aliens
  • Soldiers: Human, Elves, Wolfmen, Orc
  • Alt animals/monsters: Chicken, Spider, Bat, Slime
  • New Animals: Bunny, Snake, rat
  • New Monsters: Skeletons, Cockatrice

Assets can be used in any game engine in as many games as you’d like! For commercial and non-commercial games. Edits are allowed, but can not be distributed without permission.

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