Last time my game deving got interrupted by me making a title screen, and I never did open Scrivener to make a dev document.
BTW Scrivener is awesome: Go check it out

Yup yep. I should now think about the items and Crafting system…or maybe jump into the editor…hmmmm

Let’s focus on the item crafting…poop this reminds me I’ll have to think of skills too X_X I totally forgot about those AAAAHHHHGGGGHHHHHHH


Can we make a game that is only based on the players attack? Or maybe their equipped weapon equips their skills, considering the crafting that may be how it works.

When it comes to elements our game works as such:

Shock/Water – should have fire weapons available, but maybe not shock weapons. No dark weapons yet, only simple light weapons. Drops should include items for these kind of builds. Light and Shock drops. Some basic Fire items can be bought and found as well.

Water/Fire – should have shock weapons available but maybe not water. Light weapons and simple dark weapons are allowed. Drops in this dungeon give Dark and Water drops.

Fire/Shock – should have all elements available. Fire items are dropped, and Shock. Depending on the monster, it can drop other things.


I feel like keeping the weapons simple, so say the player can equip all types, Rival equips Blades, Grace equips Staffs, and Summoner equips…let me see what his sprite looks like again…YES! He wears awesome Gloves! There will also be Shields. I don’t feel like playing with Bows this time around, as all potential player sprites either have blades or staffs equipped.

So our equipment types are as follows:





Trinkets (used to add special moves, buffs, abilities etc)

Thinking of the Battle System, and how I designed the (not)Summoner, I think I’m going to replicate Well Yu’s battle system for this game. Well Yu’s system had you learn special moves by equipment, and then used TP to allow you to use those moves in battle. I think that’s how things will run for this game. We’ll see how it balances out.

As for the weapons, they will have a durability, so they should be able to be created over and over again. My thought process for this is that there will be a set amount of weapons for each level, maybe making sure the player will hit a few levels before the next batch. This will take balancing work. I’ll start out with some story line weapons tho:


1x basic blade

1x basic staff

1x basic fire blade

1x basic fire staff

1x basic water blade

1x basic fire staff

WAIT Interruption: How will staffs, gloves and blades be different from each other?

Staffs should raise Light ability but lower darkness, and prefer Shock attacks, but weaken Soak. Neutral for Fire. Can have healing buffs and other things happen

Gloves should raise Dark ability but lower Light, good with Flame and Soak, but weakens Shock abilities. Doesn’t do a lot of healing, but rather debuffs the enemy and leads to poisons, paralysis and other type of attacks.

Blades are more general, but are strongest with Flame and Shock. Don’t do healing, but can do mild status affects and buffs.

So depending on the type of weapon will determine not only typing but special abilities, so I’m thinking the weapons will combine to have 2-3 attacks, on main attack, and two supporting attacks. Like a Shock Attack with a Quick Heal or something.

D2 – mid level stuff

D3 – boss stuff

Considering we break in the middle of dungeons and go back, we should have 2 levels of stuff, start and end.

Now I’m really itching to go in the editor, so I think that’s what I’ll do next, start adding in the monsters, player characters, and build the Capital to be used as a testing ground.


And next week we will get into the editor! Thanks for keeping up with me! How are you liking it?


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Thanks for reading and God bless,
Meike Kima

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