It’s the holiday months. These months always seem to be mentally hard on me but this year has been better.

As for Dev work…not so much. I’m plugging away little by little and have gotten work done with Fish Recipes and narrowing the scope of the game by taking the Friendship System out. I have a bit of mixed feelings on that, and when it gets closer to the end of development I’ll see if I want to add it back in.

Part of the reason I took out the Friendship System is that it can distract from the main storyline as well as I knew I’d have NPCs that wouldn’t use the Friendship System and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. When it comes to Friendship/Romance Systems I’m used to every NPC having some sort of friendship gauge. I don’t know if it would feel weird if only some NPCs, those who have more affect on the storyline, have it and others don’t. The game has 3 different towns, and I imagine there could be more NPCs than I want to create friendship events for.

Recipe input is slow but going. I have all the recipes that use fish as an ingredient (which means all story line recipes) figured out, and I just have to input them into the plugin parameters.

Another major thing I’m working on is how I’m going to handle fish/forage spawns in the game. I needed to figure out a way to create a spawned event and let it know which object spawned it so that a Spawner can know how man Spawns are out and when a Spawn is deleted. I know it doesn’t make sence, but it’s so I can make say, a log area, spawn fish when you get near it, but never have more than 3 spawned fish out at a time. This is a big mechanic of the game that I have to get working to be able to move forward.

And honestly, there’s a reason I’ve given up on doing NaNoWriMo because with family and holidays I didn’t even give myself much time to work on fleshing out the storyline.

December will be a similar story. I’m actually going to pause dev log updates for Rapunzel’s Flower for two weeks because of the holidays. I hope I can still get some good time in to work on my game projects, I really want to get on top of things so I can spend more time in Deving without sacrificing other aspects of my life.

Anywho, hopefully the new year will be more productive!

Thanks for keeping up with me and God bless,
Meike Kima

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